We’re Proud of the Orthodontic Services in We Offer

It’s important to have straight beautiful teeth and that’s what our Willowdale orthodontics services are all about. Investing in a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime begins with choosing one of the two options we have.

Invisalign in North York, Toronto

It’s important to us to be sure we are providing North York, Toronto family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or even specific services like root canals for our valued patients that are cost-effective, efficient and professionally carried out.
Of course that’s especially true when it comes to the orthodontic services we offer including the latest innovations like Invisalign.
This is one of the latest innovations that offers an excellent way to straighten teeth without using more traditional braces. First and foremost, one of the advantages our North York patients read about is the fact these are almost invisible and put in place with plastic aligners. Computerized technology plays a role in making sure they are fitted perfectly.

There are some clear advantages for our Willowdale Orthodontic Services and these include:

  • The fact these are almost invisible. Metal braces can be more obvious and create some discomfort for our North York orthodontic patients who want to straighten their teeth and be attractive at the same time. Invisalign braces have been specifically designed to be barely noticeable. Our Toronto patients rave about them.
  • Invisalign braces also have the added benefit of being removable. If you use this option from our Willowdale orthodontic services, you’ll have the ability to remove these clear braces when you choose.

Of course we want everyone to have a variety of options and that’s why we also offer a more traditional wire and bracket option. This is the route to take for older patients as well as situations where movement of the teeth can be an issue.

Exact Treatment

Our family dentistry in Willowdale practice is committed to giving you 100% patient satisfaction and the exact treatment that you need to correct your dental situation. We have a team of qualified dental practitioners on staff that have experience and compassion.

In a perfect world your teeth would grow in properly the first time but as we all know, that doesn’t always happen. We are committed to making sure you get the very best in health, functionality and aesthetics when you come to us looking to have your teeth aligned with our orthodontics services in Willowdale, North York.

Whether you choose a clear aligner or the metal one largely depends on the kind of realignment you’re looking for and we are here to answer any and all of your questions.