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Dr Mark Safari

Dr. Khosrow Heravi-Khadjavi, North York Dentist

Dr. Khosrow Heravi-Khadjavi is a seasoned dental surgeon with many years of experience. After Dr. Khajavi received his doctorate of dentistry from Frankfurt, Germany, he pursued his specialty in prosthodontics from the same prestigious University. In addition to his focus in prosthodontics, he has received his post graduate diploma in dental material from the University of Paris, France. Not only did Dr Khajavi practice dentistry, but he also taught as an assistant professor and clinical instructor for several years before immigrating to Canada. Aside from his teaching and work in dentistry, Dr. Khadjavi has also produced some publications as well as research papers. He is a member of several dental associations including the German, French, and the Ontario dental association.
He has run multiple practices successfully before joining our Finch & Willowdale office. He has been fascinated with the scientific aspect of dentistry as much as its artistic dimension. It is a privilege to have Dr. Khadjavi onboard and it is our pleasure to utilize his vast dental experience.

Dr. Alan Goren, North York Dentist

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