Comfortable and Friendly Willowdale Paediatric Dentistry

Regular dental visits are an important part of growing up with a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. It’s important to start your child off early for what should be a lifetime relationship with our Willowdale Paediatric dentistry professionals in North York, Toronto.

We make it a priority to present your youngster with a comfortable atmosphere to get off on the right foot. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff and experienced dentists make a perfect team. In our opinion, it’s never too early to start learning about your child’s relationship with a family dentist in Willowdale and some of the topics that we can discuss in these early contacts include:

  • When and where they should have their first Willowdale paediatric dentistry visit. It’s important for your child to get comfortable with routine dental visits and that’s why the best suggestion is they should have their first appointment with us before their first birthday.
  • We will be able to discuss early brushing techniques with you when you come in for a consultation. It’s very important that your toddler knows how to establish a good brushing routine that will last a lifetime. When you come in to have a chat, we will also be able to discuss oral hygiene for your boy or girl too.

Although we have qualified dental professionals in North York that will be able to help your child start off on a good routine towards the best oral health, there’s a few things you can do as parents to get them ready for the first visit. Our Willowdale Paediatric dentistry practice is always happy to give you some other useful tips for the very first meeting between our experienced dentists and your child.

It’s good to keep in mind that your child will feel comfortable around one of our Willowdale dentists if they know what to expect. That means you can examine them at home so they are familiar with at least the basics of how we practice Toronto family dentistry.

Even if your baby has no teeth, wiping his gums with a wet washcloth will get him familiar with some of the procedures he’ll experience later on. The Willowdale paediatric dentistry services that we provide are designed to be comfortable and in some ways a continuation on the oral health routines your children learn at home.

A small soft brush is another option if you’re looking to stimulate his mouth and prepare him for that first visit to our offices. For North York paediatric dentistry services call us today.