Willowdale Geriatric Dentistry For Your Golden Years

One of the things that we enjoy most is dispelling common myths around your dental health. In particular, we like to tell our older patients that it’s not inevitable they lose their teeth as they age. In fact, we have a complete Willowdale geriatric dentistry practice that can help you to look after your beautiful smile well into your golden years.

There are a few scenarios that we understand are particular to our older clients in Toronto and these include the facts that:

  • They might have a sensitivity to certain kinds of drugs that we use in the dental profession. That’s why we take great care to make sure every procedure that we undertake and the drugs that go with them won’t interact adversely with anything our older patients are already taking.
  • There are several dental conditions that are associated with our elderly. patients in North York and we understand how to treat them separately. Periodontitis is one of the kinds of gum disease that adult people can suffer from and we can treat that with complete sensitivity to their age and other dental situations.
  • We are also sensitive to the fact that many medications older people take make them prone to getting cavities. It’s always in the best interest of our geriatric dentistry Willowdale practice to make sure our senior patients can keep their original teeth for as long as possible.

There are also a few things we suggest for our older Toronto patients so they can do their part to keep their dental health in the best condition possible.

Water and Willowdale Geriatric Dentistry

It’s critical to understand how important it is to make sure your mouth is constantly lubricated. That’s why we like to suggest our senior friends drink lots of water.

Proactive Techniques

Our geriatric dentistry practice in Willowdale is all about being proactive as well. We understand that a large number of older people are more prone to gum disease and oral cancer so we suggest our Willowdale oral cancer screening process as the best route to take.

Why not take the time to get in touch with us so we can tell you all about this particular part of our family dentistry practice? It’s especially important if you’re a caregiver to understand how important Willowdale geriatric dentistry can be to prolonging the overall health and well-being of an elderly relative.