Willowdale Dental Implants That Restore Confidence and A Beautiful Smile

Everyone wants to keep their permanent teeth for as long as possible, but there comes a time when you’ll need to consider the next best thing which is our Willowdale dental implants. Everyone wants to have a natural looking smile and that’s just what our North York dental implant services provide.

Getting the right dental implants does much more than just help you maintain a beautiful smile. As well has acting like an anchor to replace your natural teeth, this service also helps to prevent bone loss and preserve the skeletal structure of your face.

If you’re looking for the technique that most closely resembles a natural tooth, you should be looking at our North York dental implants as the solution. These stand above the other options for some very good reasons including the facts that:

  • Dentures are noticeably less comfortable than something that’s anchored right to your jawbone. This option also exerts a force on your gums. As well fitted as they might be, food can get lodged under dentures and even restrict some of your enjoyment of your favourite food because they often cover the pallet of your mouth affecting your taste buds.
  • A fixed bridge is another option that works well enough but isn’t quite on par with our Willowdale dental implants. The adjacent teeth need to be worked on so the bridge fits like its namesake over the area where you’re missing a tooth. For this reason you can leave adjacent teeth susceptible to cavities and this might mean you’ll need a new bridge down the road.

When you’re looking to restore your confidence and a beautiful smile, everything points towards Toronto dental implants as the perfect solution. There are more than a few benefits to choosing this option. With the right dental implant you get the advantage of:

The restoration of a full beautiful facial expression.

Although our line of North York dental implants aren’t always considered under the cosmetic dentistry umbrella, they help to preserve your jawbone and your appearance.

The ability to eat what you want and speak clearly and properly.

Regardless of your age, enjoying the company of other people is about being able to communicate clearly and in an uplifting way. Missing teeth can affect the way your speech sounds and your ability to be confident when talking in groups of people.

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