When Willowdale Dental Extractions Are Necessary

As much as we all love having a full set of teeth, there are times where Willowdale dental extractions are necessary and beneficial to our overall oral health. Impacted wisdom teeth are one of the more common problems that we encounter and we are always ready and capable to look after the issues these can create.

We understand all the different scenarios when it comes to Toronto dental extractions and we’re even experienced at removing the operculum which is the gum flap that can grow over top of the tooth itself. Providing our North York patients with effective and long-lasting relief from painful teeth is just one of the things that we pride ourselves on.

Beyond the common issues surrounding wisdom teeth, there are a variety of other reasons why you might need the services of Willowdale dental extractions. These include:

  • One of your permanent teeth might be too badly decayed or otherwise damaged. Although our family dentistry in Willowdale practice treats every age group, there are times when we cannot save one of your permanent teeth and it will need to be extracted.
  • There are some gum issues like periodontal disease that result in irreversible damage to your teeth so when they get loose, they might need to be taken out professionally. Keep in mind this is always a last resort and our qualified experts will do everything possible to save your tooth before they extract it.
  • If you have a risk of infection from another procedure or disease and a tooth may become contaminated, it’s often the best idea to extract it.

If you need the services of our Willowdale dental extractions professionals, you’ll more than likely get a local anesthetic before they perform the procedure. It’s important that each and every one of our North York dental extraction patients understands all the relative procedures involved and the techniques we use to minimize any discomfort you might feel.

If our dentist finds that the tooth is impacted or more than one needs to be taken out, a stronger anesthetic might be necessary. Our North York, Toronto patients are always reassured they can expect nothing but the most professional and efficient dental extractions from our qualified dental team.

It’s important to us that you come to our offices whether you need dental extractions in North York, cosmetic dentistry or a variety of one of our other services including family dentistry for every age. Your overall and complete oral health is our number one priority.