Here’s another one of the ‘crowning’ services we offer

There are several different scenarios where Willowdale dental crowns are the right choice. Because these cover a tooth that may have been damaged or worked on for other preventative dental reasons, we specialize in this restorative technique as a viable option for people who are looking to restore their smile after:

  • They have suffered a fractured tooth and are looking for a way to keep the injury from getting worse.
  • They want to change the alignment and shape of their smile. A Toronto dental crown is the perfect solution if you’re looking for something cosmetic.
  • They’re looking to protect the tooth after another procedure like a root canal.

Innovation and cutting edge technology are two of the cornerstones of the dental crowns in Willowdale part of our practice. Whereas many other family dentists in North York and other areas send away impressions to a laboratory, we have the ability to make your crown right on our premises.

The Cerec technology that we use starts with 3-D technology and the latest in digital innovations. It only takes a few hours using this system before your dental crowns are ready to be put in place.

Taking care of your teeth for a lifetime means taking advantage of all of the latest advances in family and cosmetic dentistry. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge and we are always looking to bring you the latest and best methods so you’ll have a smile that will last forever.

There are many advantages to dental crowns in Willowdale. For example:

  • They only require a simple procedure. Our North York patients are always telling us how straightforward and non-invasive the whole process is from start to finish. Once the unique crown is finished, it is even bonded in place for a permanent improvement.
  • Each of the Toronto dental crowns we fashion are unique and one-of-a-kind. The finished products are something you don’t share with anyone else and they enhance your already unique personality and smile.
  • They last. With just a simple maintenance procedure that’s not unlike the one you currently use for your own natural teeth, a dental crown can last for decades.

Our Willowdale dental practice is dedicated to 100% patient satisfaction in each and every service we provide. When it comes to dental crowns, we take the time to make