We Help With Bruxism Willowdale Guards That Work

Grinding you teeth and clenching your jaw can be a problem that works against your beautiful smile in the long run. Whether you’re doing it during the day at the office or lying in bed at night, this condition which is called Bruxism can be addressed by our general dentistry in Willowdale professionals.

Left untreated, Bruxism can cause some far-reaching issues for your teeth and jaw that include tooth sensitivity and decay as well as jaw soreness. The medical profession has worked with Willowdale dental experts at tackling this issue. While Bruxism was first thought to be a result of a stressful lifestyle, researchers have recently found it’s a way to keep air passages open at night while the body is most relaxed and sleeping.

We have done our part by developing a custom nightguard that will help you save your teeth and keep your jaw healthy for years for come.

Once you decide to take advantage of the nightguards that we offer, you’ll find there are numerous benefits including:

  • The fact that one of our Willowdale Bruxism nightguards will protect the enamel on your teeth. This all important covering can help your beautiful smile last a lifetime and these nightguards supply a buffer for people who grind their teeth constantly.
  • If you wake up with sore jaws every morning, one of the reasons might be gnashing your teeth the day before or even in your sleep. Once again, our Toronto Bruxism nightguards are just the thing to add a cushion even if your jaw is clenched tightly for the duration of the night sleep.
  • Relief from daytime grinding. Many of our North York patients who suffer with Bruxism tell us that the gnashing even continues on through the daytime when they are in the office. The nightguards that we can supply can also be worn during the daytime and they don’t affect your speech.

It’s important to us to carry a wide variety of Willowdale family dental services so that each and every member of your family is looked after. Bruxism can be an annoying and damaging habit that can ruin your teeth in the long run and cause cosmetic problems.

Why not let one of our Willowdale Bruxism professionals build you a custom nightguard that will help you to keep that beautiful smile for a lifetime?