Willowdale Bone Grafting For That Future Smile

Everyone wants to look their best as they age and having a healthy jawbone is a big part of a beautiful smile. Being able to replace that part of a patient’s jawbone that is deficient is an important first step when you are looking for implants.

Our Willowdale bone grafting services are another essential component of the thorough and compassionate North York dentistry services that we offer. Our Toronto dental practice is geared towards treating each and every one of our patients like a member of the family. That’s why we’ve taken great steps to make sure that we have the wonderful combination of a friendly staff and advanced technologies to look after procedures like this one.

Although this might sound like invasive complicated surgery, the fact is bone grafting is a generally painless, routine and predictable procedure that is carried out quite often. Many of our Toronto bone grafting patients have a few questions to ask and following are some of the most common.

Q: What will happen after the operation is over?

A: After the Willowdale bone grafting operation is finished, the patient will be given some medication and antibacterial mouthwash. If antibiotics are needed, our Willowdale dental team will be able to prescribe the right medication for you.

Q: How long will it take to fully recover from a bone grafting in Willowdale procedure?

A: Of course there are a few different factors involved here including the size of the graft and the kind of materials that get used in the procedure, but generally it can take several months before a patient is ready for dental implants.

Q: What should a patient do as they heal to help speed the process along?

A: Keeping up with your regular brushing and flossing routine is important. As well, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re eating properly during this recovery time.

Remember, if you have any questions before, during or after one of these procedures, we are always available to answer them for you. It’s important to us that you trust us completely because we want to work together with you to give you the kind of smile that will last a lifetime.

Finally, your dentist will have some specific instructions about abstaining from certain foods and how to avoid putting too much pressure on your bone graft while it heals. For bone grafting in North York, please call us today.